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The Bottle Was Empty

August 7, 2009

[I entered a writing contest hosted by Novel Doctor. In the contest, the Novel Doctor provided first and last lines for the writer. This was a first for me on many levels: first writing contest and my first time writing and submitting fiction. The result, well I did not win the contest, but I certainly acheived a great deal. I hope you enjoy my submission. Please leave comments with your thoughts.]

The Bottle Was Empty

By Robyn D. Stone

If only he could see the future. He would know it would work out. Losing his father was surely the hardest thing he had ever been through in his life. Thinking of him now made him happy and sad at the same time. Happy for all the times they had been able to share. Sad for all the times lost.

Looking down at his own son dressed in his Sunday best, his heart was so full of pain. So full of pride. Would his son remember his grandfather? Would he know how much he loved him? How proud he was the day he was born? Steven wondered what words he could use to make sure this six year old little boy knew all the things his grandfather would have wanted him to know.

With his tie slightly askew and hair more than slightly rumpled, he looked so much like Steven had when he was his age. Everyone had been saying the same thing since the accident. Family from faraway places and out of town guests who had not seen Taylor since he was a baby were all amazed at the strong family resemblance. Strong jaw. Dark eyes. Heavy bangs. It was all there. The strong family traits handed down from generation to generation.

Pushing those bangs to the side, Taylor looked up with a sideways glance and gave Steven the signature lopsided smile. What was he thinking? Did any of this make sense to him? Steven had tried explaining it all to him before the services, but how much would a six-year old really grasp. He was having trouble grasping it all himself.

The wind began blowing softly, which sure helped on this hot August afternoon. Southern heat in August was something you could always count on, but his father had been very firm in not wanting a major production for his funeral services. He was specific in saying graveside services only. They had honored his wishes.

As the last trumpet sounded, he gave Taylor a tight hug and watched him walk away and get in the car with Julia, his ex-wife. He reached for his pocket and felt inside, it was still there. But, he knew, the bottle was empty.


Grab that Bag!

July 27, 2009

Since I seem to always be on the go, I have started a writing bag. First, I started with the prettiest bag that I could find. It had to have nice pockets inside and out, a zipper, long straps, and be tall enough for my notebook and for my laptop to slide down into it as well. It had to be roomy on the inside so that I could fit all of my “must-haves” inside comfortably. What are my must-haves you ask? Let me  share.

  • Pens (Blue ink, please.)
  • Book, Writer Mama
  • Book, Writer’s Market 2010
  • Post-it Notes
  • Highlighters
  • Folders of printed guidelines and works in play
  • Small digital camera

As I get ready to travel, I add my laptop, iPod, and my writing notebook.  With these things, I am ready to go. I can escape for a quick writing adventure on my back porch, a weekend trip to the lake or an extended RV trip. Whenever I start out, I make sure to grab my bag.

Just this week, my family is on an RV trip. My family all knew to make sure that we did not forget my writing bag. They knew it would not be a good trip if that bag got left behind. I am sure you have all heard the saying, “If Mama ain’t happy, then nobody is happy.” Traveling on the road this week, my bag has been such a source of inspiration and comfort. I know when I catch a glimpse of it’s bright, friendly pattern what treasures it holds inside. All of my ideas, plans, and dreams. I know that it will travel well.

Do you have a writer’s bag? If so, what do you keep inside?

Writer’s Market 2010

July 18, 2009


Writer's Market 2010

Writer's Market 2010

Last week I received my 2010 edition of Writer’s Market. I have read, re-read, flagged, marked, highlighted, and dog-earred so many pages that the books really appears a good deal older than a week.

This edition is available through your local bookstores as well as Amazon. At Amazon the price is $19.79 and if you are a prime member, you can get it in two days, free shipping.

I will say that I did go ahead and subscribe to the online edition of Writer’s Market as well. Writer’s Market is great to offer a free trial for those that want to be sure before you take the full subscription route. But once I tried it, I knew that the organizational features of Writer’s Market online was great for me.

Be sure to sign up for the free newsletter to receive e-mails on contests and special events. While I admit I have not entered any at this point, becoming familiar with the business is essential I believe.
Also, while you are out checking out Writer’s Market, visit Writer’s Digest online. I love the monthly magazine but have found the online edition to be an excellent resource as a beginning writer. Writer’s Digest online also offers a free newsletter and provides excellent discounts for writing classes and other resources.
New writers, have you tried Writer’s Market or Writer’s Digest? Let me know what you think.


June 19, 2009

I am now published. Does this make me a writer? I still don’t think I can say that I am a “writer.” When I hear that term, I think of individuals that have pens literally bleeding with prose that captivates their audience. I think I am more of a “budding writer.” I’m still very much in between the dreaming and learning stage.

And so it begins…

June 16, 2009

I have always wanted to be a writer. It has just always seemed like the unattainable dream. And then, I heard about the book by Christina Katz, The Writer Mama. I visited my local bookstore and ordered the book. This would surely be a great investment to learn if writing was truly a dream that I could fulfill.

I honestly read the book cover to cover without putting it down, it seemed. I researched, I queried, I wrote, I submitted. Low and behold, after not hearing back on two submissions, I have been offered a weekly contributor’s spot for an online magazine. My first article should be published soon. Now that is results.

I am scheduled to take a writing class soon with none other than Mrs. Christina Katz herself. I look forward to learning from Christina and taking my writing to the next level. We’ll see, but I think this little girl’s dream just might be coming true.


June 16, 2009

Welcome to Write the Dream, my journey to become a writer. I hope that you will join me in the adventures ahead and provide feedback along the way.